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EFA Group LLC specializes in raising private capital to benefit from the financial markets. A distinctive feature of our company from others is the ability to invest in different and effective areas of the real sector of the economy.

EFA GROUP LLC was founded in 2021 by specialists and analysts who combine many years of work in large financial companies and a number of other hedge funds. The company employs over 100 specialists.

It's strength lies in the fact that it brings together financial analysts with a deep understanding of financial markets and business management experience. It provides a formula for creating products and solutions that put it at the forefront of the industry today. Also, our top priority remains to stay close to our customers and constantly adapt products to meet the changing needs of the market.

Our company meets the strictest requirements of global investment banks, hedge funds and other financial professionals.

EFA GROUP LLC top priority remains to stay close to its customers and continually adapt products to meet changing market needs.

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What are we doing

Bridging the gap between investors looking for stable income and businesses looking for alternative sources of capital.


What are we doing

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These factors define our investment philosophy:


Expertise in the real economy

Our business is at the center of the real economy.
Our dedicated industry focus has allowed us to evolve from a regional leader to a global leader offering best-in-class performance.
With our strong global network, industry expertise and long-term working partnerships, we have access to unique and compelling deal streams.

Harmonization of interests

We strongly believe in the importance of aligning our interests with our investors.
First of all, this conviction is the systematic joint investment of our Partners together with our investors, which demonstrates our conviction in our own decisions.

Responsible investment

Financial sustainability and social responsibility go hand in hand.
We support companies that favor and excel in both areas.

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