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EFA, our financial advisors start with exactly your needs, focusing on your success and remaining committed to helping you grow your bottom line and achieve your financial goals.

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About service

Counselors and your Personal Financial Advisor simplify the wealth planning process by providing you with a strategy to achieve your life goals.

With years of experience and access to professional resources, lawyers and analysts, our consultants are ready to make informed financial decisions for your complete wealth management from retirement to estate planning.

The main principle

Competent setting of investment goals and their step-by-step achievement with the help of financial market instruments. This format of consulting does not imply attempts to make a quick profit, but systematically leads to the achievement of goals in a given time frame. A personal financial advisor will help you set financial goals, draw up a plan for achieving them, and will accompany the client throughout the entire investment period.


Investment Ideas

The advisor, based on the data obtained, offers investment ideas and optimal investment options. If the idea suits the client, a transaction is made with a commission according to the tariff plan. If the idea does not fit, the advisor analyzes the market again and suggests new ideas.

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How it works?

Stages of cooperation


Preliminary meeting

You choose the time and place for the meeting


Meeting with an advisor

Your personal advisor will conduct a strategic session and identify needs


Setting goals and strategies

Goals and financial strategy are created based on the needs


Analysis and selection of innovative tools

Selection of financial instruments to generate income and save funds


Risk minimization and constant control

A personal advisor, together with advisers, monitor the situation on the markets and instantly react


Analytics & Withdrawals

A personal advisor provides all analytical materials personally to the client and withdraws funds upon request.

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